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NM6 Flexi

Unveiled on the 5th of October 2015 at the EMO in Milan, a new machine comes to complete the renewal of the escomatic products.Named « escomatic NM6 Flexi », this machine takes its place in the center of the Esco SA range between the DX CNC (escomatic D2 / D5 CNC, D5 Ultra, D5 TWIN) and the EC ( escomatic EC 8). It will succeed the New Mach 64x range which has held a successful position for many years.

D2/D5 Flex Speed

The ESCO FLEX SPEED system allows machining to be optimised while guaranteeing an extremely high level of productivity. This increases the performance advantages of cam driven machines. Thanks to the electronic control system, the speed of the cam shaft can be programmed for specific areas. For example, the feed rate can be reduced for parting and increased for turning; this means that the slowest process no longer determines the overall cycle time. In addition the spindle speeds and the straightening speeds can be continuously adjusted (no more changing of pulleys)


The basis of the escomatic D5 CNC is identical with the one of the escomatic D2 CNC. Machine base, straightening unit, feed system and rotating tool head are absolutely identical with the D2. On the escomatic D5 CNC the counter collet of the D2 has been replaced by a system for the front machining which consists of a cross table with 2 axes supporting 2 drilling spindles, one threading/tapping spindle and one counter collet with programmable positioning.


The turning operations are identical with the ones of an escomatic D2 CNC or D5 ULTRA. All basic tooling (set of straightening dies and holders, feed rollers and turning tools) are compatible with these machines.

Secondary operations could be carried out with two identical units consisting of:

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